Physicochemical and biological characterization and improvement of natural muds to produce high added-value products (PHARMAMUDS)

R&T Cooperation between Greece and Israel (NSRF 2013-2015)


Greek-side Project Coordinator: Konstantinos Gardikis (APIVITA SA)

Greek-side Scientific Coordinator: Ioannis Tsamopoulos (University of Patras)

Israeli-side Project Coordinator: Liora Chitron (Anna Lotan Ltd)

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Meeting at Anna Lotan Ltd. premises

Photos from the visit of Greek-side Project Coordinator, Dr. Konstantinos Gardikis (APIVITA SA) to the premises of the Israeli partner Anna Lotan Ltd. at Ceseare on 29-30 November 2015.
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pharmamuds-meetings-visit_20151129_1  pharmamuds-meetings-visit_20151129_2  pharmamuds-meetings-visit_20151129_3  pharmamuds-meetings-visit_20151129_4

Project Overview  Project Results