easyHPC@eco.plastics.industry.WCG Hub

An open High-Performance-Computing ecosystem for the ecological transformation and the advancement of the Plastics Industry in the Regions of West and Central Greece.

The fundamental idea of the ​​easyHPC@eco.plastics.industry.WCG Hub is the adjustment of infrastructure, high scientific and technological training, advanced knowledge, and pioneering algorithms developed by leading Greek Research Laboratories, both in the field of Multiprocessing and Process Simulation at the Molecular, Mesoscopic, and Macroscopic level, as well as in the area of ​​high-performance computing and educational software, in a management-friendly, growth and innovation environment. The aim is to bridge the gap between the daily necessity and practice in the production of plastics, a sector which is the most active not only in Western and Central Greece, but also the entire Country, and the high level of knowledge and techniques used at a computational level, as well as to promote the harmonization of the local industry with the current European environmental protection policy by advancing the use of new biodegradable materials, which unfortunately cannot be easily manufactured using the standard forming processes

By far, the Consortium owns the most complete and high-end computer equipment infrastructure in Western and Central Greece, considerably alleviating the significant disadvantage of the region regarding the lack of usable computing resources, which are related to decreased competitiveness and, subsequently, higher unemployment of highly skilled people.

In consistency with the European Research Policy and the principles for the development of European Hubs, easyHPC@eco.plastics.industry.WCG aims to develop of an open, human and technology-driven ecosystem that will operate in a coordinated manner towards the advancement of scientific knowledge, its dissemination in an affordable and straightforward way, while focusing on the training of company executives and engineers, and on the implementation of innovative solutions for SMEs in the production of plastics based on synthetic and biodegradable polymers

The activities of the Hub will start from the design stage to the final production stage, with the primary goal being the design of improved products, with a view to enhancing their competitiveness. The Hub is based on the interdisciplinary approach to this goal and involves Laboratories and Research Teams from different Scientific Fields and Departments: The Department of Chemical Engineering, the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, the ECEDU, the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering as well as the Association of Materials Production & Packaging Industries (https://www.pac.gr/). The Hub also includes experimental laboratories of international scope, to utilize, during simulations, the real properties of the raw materials used by each industrial unit. All participants have international distinctions and constant interaction with European Companies in the Area.

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