The numerical methods that we apply are: Finite Element, Finite Difference, Finite Volume and Boundary Element Methods for solving the physical laws that govern macroscopically or mesoscopically the processes.
Volume of Fluid and Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Method (ALE) for the simulation of multiphase or free-surface flows.
Fictitious Domain / Lagrange Multiplier and Augmented Lagrangian Methods for particulate systems.
Parallelization techniques such as MPI and OPENMP for accelerating the execution time of a simulation.

Advanced grid generation algorithms have been implemented for the simulation of free-surface and multiphase flows that typically arise in chemical engineering processes.
Our research is focused on both structured and unstructured grid generation techniques that can optimally adjust the location of nodes according to the flow field.
Sets of elliptic or hyperbolic differential equations are solved for the description of mesh motion along curves, on surfaces, and in volumes.