Resonant oscillations of inviscid charged drops


Tsamopoulos J.A., Brown R.A.


Moderate-amplitude axisymmetric oscillations of charged inviscid drops held together by surface tension are calculated by a multiple-timescale expansion. The corrections to the drop shape and velocity caused by mode coupling at second order in amplitude are predicted for two-, three-and four-lobed motions of drops with net charge up to the Rayleigh limit Qc= 4π1/2. Resonant oscillations between four-and six-lobed motions occur for total charge values near Qr= (32/3π)1/2and are analysed. Both frequency and amplitude modulation of the oscillation are predicted for drop motions starting from general initial deformations. © 1984, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.


DOI: 10.1017/S0022112084002135