Nonlinear dynamics of capillary bridges: Experiments


Mollot D.J., Ashgriz N., Tsamopoulos J., Chen T.-Y.


An experimental investigation of forced and free oscillations of liquid bridges positioned between two rods of equal diameter is presented. Both the resonance frequencies and damping rates for different aspect ratios of the bridge are reported. The damping rate data of the liquid bridges are obtained by high-speed videography and are the first ever reported. Resonance frequencies for the three modified Reynolds numbers of 14, 295 and 1654, and damping rates for the two modified Reynolds numbers of 14 and 295 are reported. These values of modified Reynolds numbers are generated by using ethylene glycol, distilled water, and mercury in small bridges. Gravitational effects are kept small by reducing the size of the capillary bridge. The internal flow fields of several bridges for different modified Reynolds numbers are described based on high-speed visualization. Experimental results show good agreement with results of linear and nonlinear theory. © 1993, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.


DOI: 10.1017/S0022112093002538